9. Friends and Parties are Fun

A large part of the college experience is the social aspect. While the classes and grades are important, making friends and going to parties are important for that special time of your life after high school and before your career.

8. Avoid the Popular Food Joints

The popular restaurants and food courts tend to get crowded even at smaller schools. In my personal experience, they also have less food quality because they have to churn out so much.

7. Know Your School's Services

Look into all of the services your school offers. Many universities have a lot of extra features or services offered to students. Even if it doesn’t match your major, it may be available to you.

6. Be Your Own Adviser

Most college advisers want you to take extra classes that they like. Look into what you actually need for your degree yourself and what extra classes are available. You may find a lot of really interesting special topic courses.

5. Pay Attention to Policies

Some things may seem fine to have in a dorm. Pay attention and read all available documentation about your school’s policies. Don’t take people’s word for what the rules are because that can lead into trouble.

4. Invest In a Good Laptop

Laptops are the most important tool in a college student’s toolbox. It facilitates note taking and research. It’s really useful to have a search engine handy during classes and they have so many ways to take notes that there’s a program that will fit anyone’s needs.

3. Study Once a Week

Studying is important. I didn’t use to study in high school, but college is a different level. It is important to study for each class once a week. This includes talking with friends or classmates about that week’s lectures.

2. Finish Homework ASAP

Homework can easily get backed up. Stay on top of it and finish it the day it gets assigned. Some professors will even give you the entire semester’s homework all at once so you may even be able to go ahead of the class.

1. Keep In Touch With Family

College life can get depressing. Between classes getting stressful and the lack of life that there can be, it is important to keep in touch with your family or close friends. They are the people who support you and a quick conversation with them can get you back on your feet and back to work faster than anything else.