These 7 Facebook Facts Will Haunt You

User data gets hacked

Facebook has attracted multiple hacker groups throughout its history. Some of these groups are terrorists, rouge countries, or just people who want to make others lives’ miserable. These hackers have broken into systems and retrieved information on millions of users’ personal information ranging from addresses, names and phone numbers to relationship statuses, personal views, and incriminating status updates.

Your posts can get you fired

Be careful what you might post to Facebook, as it may get you fired. Even though it’s outside of your workplace, employers have fired employees with controversial views to the company.

Legal disputes use Facebook as evidence

There have been multiple incidences where legal battles and investigations used Facebook posts, status updates, and messaging as evidence in deciding the resulting fate of the people involved.

Children get exposed to horrors

There are a lot of children on Facebook, despite Facebook’s user policies. There’s disturbing footage and information on Facebok that children should not be exposed to. They also end up posting things their friends think are “cool” but it ends up haunting them later in life. Colleges and employers look at your account to see if you’d be a fit in their atmosphere, but they end up judging you on a past self. This ends up preventing many good kids from getting into the colleges they need.

The spam mistreats your time

The spam on Facebook sucks in your time and force-feeds you ads to churn out money.

Your account can destroy your relationships

Facebook has multiple features that make it easy to show off your relationship status, but many relationships end in not caring about what your Facebook account shows. If you start a new relationship, but you don’t update your account, your partner may want to end things there.

Privacy is not respected

Facebook tracks everything. Even if you’re not on their website, they are still tracking everything you click, search, and view. They make a lot of money from finding out what attracts your attention.